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Unimog U4023, 5,1l/4Zyl., Extremely Off-Road, 2024

Anthrazit Grey

Unimog all-terrain, model generation 1

Weight variant 8.0 t (4.1/4.6)

Engine OM934, R4, 5.1 l, 170 kW (231 hp), 900 Nm

Common Rail, high-pressure direct injection

Exhaust gas turbocharging and intercooling

Motor control characteristics, switchable, driving/device op

Hand throttle, electronic

External noise insulation (according to ECE-R51)

Engine version Euro VI, E

High Performance Engine Brakes

Air compressor, 430l/min-10bar, maintenance-free, water-cooled.

Air intake chimney, with air filter and pre-separation

Fan drive, mech (GW), viscous coupling, electric, water-cooled

Service interval, 1400 operating hours/35000 km

Start lock

Single-plate dry clutch, self-adjusting

Electric Pneumatic Shift (EPS)

Ready for work/creep/off-road group

Automatic Shift (EAS)

MB fully synchronous reversing gear, UG100E, 8 front/6 reverse gears

Front-wheel drive, pneumatically switchable (all-wheel drive)

Cruise control / cruise control

Electro-pneumatic shuttle (EQR)

Front axle as portal axle

Differential lock on front axle

Acoustic signal for differential lock

Rear axle as portal axle

Differential lock on rear axle

Drive ratio i = 6.527

Power steering, hydraulic

Coil springs with progressive index

Axles, thrust tubes, stabilizers, telescopic shock absorbers.

Drop center rims 11×20

20 X 335/80 R 20 terrain Dunlop SPT 9

Ladder frame, cranked, torsion-proof, tube QT-smooth.

Wheelbase 3850mm

Tank 145 l, left, steel

Exhaust system, outlet downwards

Anti-slip coating on bumper

Coupling jaw, in front, with locking pin

Chassis preservation

Disc brakes, pneumatic, on FA and HA

Low-pressure brake system

Brake system load-dependent (EBLF control)

Anti-lock braking system (ABS), switchable to off-road ABS

Condensation water sensor, for compressed air system

Air dryer, heated

Compressed air connection for auxiliary consumers

Tire inflation connection

Anti-roll bar

Parking brake, spring-loaded, on the rear axle

Cab, all-steel design

Cab strength according to ECE-R-29/03

Bonnet, liftable, detachable

Ramp mirror

Rain sensor and automatic headlights

Windscreen, laminated glass, heat-insulating#Windscreen wiper system, 4-stage, interval switch

Rear wall window, fixed, on both sides

Window regulator, electr., both., incl. door panel

Main mirror, heatable, electrically adjustable

Wide-angle mirror, heatable

Cabin floor, with possibility to climb through

Steering column, height and length adjustable

Multifunctional steering wheel

Steering column switch, right (driving mode)

Steering column switch, left (high beam, windshield wipers)

Suspension seat, air-sprung, driver

Front passenger seat, height, longitudinal, tilt adjustable, fabric

12.7 cm instrument cluster with video capability

On-board diagnostics

Reversing alarm

Pre-installation 12V radio, aftermarket installation

Preparation for Truck Data Center 6 (FB Card)

Permanent current socket, 24 V/15 A, in parapet

Interior lighting, with multiple functions

Heating and ventilation system, air circulation, dust filter

Storage tray, low, on engine tunnel, with cup holder

Storage compartments and storage box

Roof console, 2 installation shafts (radio/tachograph)

Door lining, with armrest and bottle holder

Batteries 2 x 12V / 170 Ah, low-maintenance

Main battery switch on the battery box

Generator 28 V / 150 A, protected against dirt, fording

Rear view camera

Monitor, for camera system

Trailer socket 24V, 15-pin

Daytime running lights

Headlight range adjustment

Bi-halogen headlights, protected in the bumper

Fog lights, halogen

Tail, brake, rear fog, reversing, clearance light

Clearance lights in front

Marker lights, on the side, around the driver’s cab

Marker lights, side

Stone guard, metal, for direction indicators

Stone guard, metal, for headlights

Entry lights in the step area

Stone guard, metal, for rear lights

Speed limit 90 km/h, ECE

Exhaust with NOx control

Speed display km/h and mph

Electrical system 24V

Fording capacity 800 mm

Tire inflation hose, without manual inflation gauge

Part of options they are available (in Euro):

A30 tire pressure control system (tire control) 4,545.60

B5B trailer brake, 2-line 1,084.80

D6F air conditioning 2,922.40

D6N hot water auxiliary heater, cab and engine 1,720.80

DB3 suspension seat, air-suspended with seat heating, front passenger 1,388.80

DF3 suspension seat, air-suspended, seat heater, armrest, driver 1,388.80

DV3 storage box, high, with folding table 89.60

E44 jump start socket 167.20

E69 reading lamp 60.80

F3W Cab tipping device, mechanical-hydraulic 1,132.00

F4H cab rear wall without window 86.40

J1M digital tachograph, 2nd generation, version 2, ADR 848.00

J5S Radio, with USB port and Bluetooth 1,032.00

KC1 tank 240 l, left, steel 353.60

M55 fuel pre-heating, with water separator 488.00

Q35 towing hitch, front, lowered 272.80

Q88 trailer hitch, Maul small, Rockinger 639.00

UCC4 frame overhang 1110 mm 2,765.00

UFZ0 central locking, with master key 1,930.00

Y42 jack, hydraulic, 10 t 119.20

Z16 special parts Wading capacity 1,233.61

Tool kit

Fire extinguisher, 2 kg

Upon closing contract a 20% down payment is due. LC cost is additional!

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