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5 X Mercedes V 300 AMG 4X4 Luxury Vans Extra Long NEW Incoming in December

Mercedes G63 4X4² AMG 2024 in Magno Black incoming in January 2024

Mercedes SL63 AMG 2023 in Yellow leather macchiato beige in stock

BMW X5 40d M-Sport Pro 2024 in stock in Munich

Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Production 2024 in Magno Black (MATT) with delivery time first quarter 2024

Mercedes S680 Maybach V12 2023 NEW Dual Color Black-Red in stock in Bremerhaven

Mercedes Benz Maybach S63 AMG Edition1 2024 in stock in Munich

Lexus LX600 Luxury 3,5l 409HP NEW, 2024 on stock

Lexus LX600 Luxury 3,5l 409HP NEW, 2023 on stock

Rolls Royce Cullinan Black Badge 2023, NEW on stock in Bremerhaven

Mercedes GT Coupe 4 63S E-Performance 4Matic+ AMG 843HP in stock in Bremerhaven

2 X BMW X7 40i 381HP NEW, 2023 in stock in Bremerhaven

Mercedes GLE 63 S AMG 612HP Coupe 2023 NEW in stock in Bremerhaven

Porsche 911 T-Coupe 2023 NEW in stock in Munich

Porsche 911 T-Coupe 2023 NEW in stock in Munich

Porsche 911 GTS 4 2023 NEW in stock in Munich

Mercedes G63 AMG 4,0l with 585HP, 2023 on stock

Mercedes S450 4matic long AMG 2023 on stock in Bremerhaven Unbelievable equipped!!

Lexus RX350 2,4l/275Hp NEW, 2023

Toyota Sequoia 3,5l/6 Zyl. 437HP, Platinum, 2024

20 X Mercedes Benz Sprinter Standard High Top, 419 CDI /190HP/MY2024

Unimog U4023, 5,1l/4Zyl., Extremely Off-Road, 2024

Cadillac Escalade V – Performance 682Hp ESV, 2023 on stock

Chevrolet Suburban 6,2l/V8 High Country ARMORED Level BR6 2023 NEW

Toyota Land Cruiser 2.8l Diesel, 2023 on stock

Mercedes GLC 200 AMG 4Matic NEW Coupe, 2024 in stock in Bremerhaven

Volkswagen ID4 Pure Edition, 2023 on stock

Ineos Grenadier Trailmaster Edition 3,0l/6Zyl., 2023 on stock

Ineos Grenadier Fieldmaster Edition 3,0l/6Zyl., 2024 on stock

Bentley Bentayga V8 Azure First Edition EWB, 2023 in stock in Munich

Bentley Bentayga V8 Azure, 2023 on stock

Lexus LX600 Luxury 3,5l 409HP NEW, 2023 on stock

Lexus LX600 Executive 3,5l 409HP NEW, 2023 on stock

Mercedes GLS 600 Maybach 2023 NEW with dual color on stock in Bremerhaven

Mercedes GLS 600 Maybach NEW on stock in Bremerhaven

Mercedes GLS 450 2023 AMG on stock

Ford Bronco Raptor 3.0l 418 HP EcoBoost , 2023 – STOCK

Mercedes GLS 450 SUV NEW, 2023 – STOCK

BMW X7 60i 530HP Gray – NEW, 2023

BMW X7 60i 530HP NEW, 2023

Ford Lobo Raptor R V8 700HP Supercharged 2023

BMW XM 635HP Performance – 2023 in stock in Munich

Ferrari 296 GTB – February 2024

BMW X7 40i M-Sport 2023

Ford Raptor 3.5 EcoBoost High-Version 2023

Ferrari SF90 Stradale Spider Hybrid NEW 2024 incoming February/March 2024

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Excellent communication throughout the process. I was able to buy the car at a fair price no pressure at all. Looking forward to continuing business with them.

Extremely helpful and, with no pressure, they were able to find us the 'right-fit' car at an exceptionally reasonable price. Picking up the car was also fuss-free and very carefully explained. We would recommend the company to anyone.

Very welcoming company, easy to deal with and no pushy salesmanship etc. Very happy with the car, would buy from again


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Below you will find the most frequently asked questions:

How long does it take to get my car to the desired destination?

From the time of ordering to delivery it takes between five and six weeks.
It depends on the country and continent of destination.

Will my vehicle be insured during transport?

Normally, no. Marine insurance is available for 1.5% the value of the automobile with a $500 deductible.

What about taxes with a US imported automobile?

Automobiles imported from North America need to be registered.
In most countries the car will also have to be converted in some way after import. Emissions regulations also apply for imports but exhaust emissions do not present a problem.

Generally speaking – car imports are categorized as ‘low emission’ according to official reports. Our European partner ASAM Service GmbH can help if you have further questions.

How are car re-imports handled at the border?

Contrary to some reports, customs duty of 10% must be paid in the EU. For those outside the EU, please contact us.

Do car re-imports need TÜV or any conversion?

Yes. Since some cars are built for specific countries and maybe some other regulations apply, a homologation of the car could be necessary. Please check with your local DOT.

Why is this the right time to import an automobile in general?

With Global Car Trading you benefit from a large global network and a trusted partner at your side. In addition, you benefit from a long-standing expertise in exchange rates, which offers enormous advantages.