​1967 Jaguar E-Type



Seller’s Description:

This car is about 90% solid. it does have some rust in the bottom front of the driver’s door and under the battery box in the drivers rocker panel. The car and the engine were partially disassembled and have been loosely re assembled to show completeness and for ease of transport.

Jaguar Championship Concours rules state that the engine numbers do not have to match, just be period correct, as Jaguar itself supplied replacement engines under warranty.  This car does have the correct matching chassis number over the right front shock. The body number and the transmission number do match the number plate. The engine is a period correct E type 4.2 engine block with a period correct number even though it is different from the number plate. The head is without a number, Indicating that this was possibly a replacement engine.

The car is Very complete and as you may know, 67 is the last year for the series one, and as such make it extremely desirable.

Upon closing contract are 20% deposit is due. LC cost is additional.

Your Price C&F major port Europe/Middle East/Asia: 56.900,- USD


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